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"Kwung Tung`s Velvet Boy"

Called: Velvet.                     Date of birth: 26.10.1997 

died may-15-2006

   Kennel-Name: "Kwung Tung`s" (FCI).  

Velvet was a fawn-colored brushcoat stud male. His Breeder, Mrs. Ella Eid, Heidelberg, Germany, was one of the most successfull breeders in germany. She did quit breeding in 1997, because of her age.

Velvet came to our house as a  familiymember and a self-given x-mas-present on dec-23-1997, a puppy in the age of 9 weeks.

But because he  became a beautiful youth-shar-pei, breeders and judges of the race almost punished us to take part in dog-shows.

With his successes he honored his breeder, Mrs. Eid, who has grown many national, international and even a world-champion.

Velvet`s country titel's:

German Champion (Club)                    on Sep-12-2000  

German Champion (VDH)                   on Oct-16-2000  

Austrian Champion (ÖKV)                   on Jun-08-2001  

International Beauty-Champion (FCI)  on Jul-24-2001  

Switzerland Beauty-Champion              on Jul-09-2002         

In his exhibition-career he also earned this titles:

"Best Shar Pei of German Breed" in 1998
Youthwinner Baden-Würtemberg, Germany, BOB-Winner in 1998
Ortenau BOB-Winner, Germany, in 1999
did it again: "Best Shar Pei of German Breed" in 1999
German National Specialty, BOB-Winner in 1999
twice in two exhibitions: Geithain, Germany BOB-Winner in 1999
Leipzig, Germany BOB-Winner in 1999
Wels, Austria BOB-Winner in 2000
 did it again twice: Geithain, Germany BOB-Winner in 2000
St.Gall, Switzerland BOB-Winner and Bodenseewinner in 2001
St.Gall, Switzerland BOB-Winner and Winner St.Gall in 2001
Dornbirn, Austria BOB-Winner and Winner Dornbirn in 2001
Combination: Switzerland+Austria = Central Europe Winner in 2001
did it again twice: Geithain, Germany BOB-Winner in 2001
  did it again: St.Gall, Switzerland BOB-Winner and Bodenseewinner in 2002
St.Gall, Switzerland Reserve-Winner St.Gall in 2002


In 53 national and international dog-shows he earned 31 excellent-votes and 16 First Places and 1 Second Place in the Honor - Class and became 15 times "Best Of Breed" (=BOB)


The contest to the "15th anniversary of the establishing of the 1.DSPC `85 e.V." which is the "First German Shar Pei Club" (registered) he won as most succesfull shar pei-male of the year 1999/2000 and made title-model of the VDH-Dognews "Unser Rassehund" in July 2000.






Velvet was HD-free, had a complete set of teeth (scissors-bite) and was cleared for breeding without any restrictions from 1.DSPC `85 e.V. 

He was available for stud services if the female also meets the strong clubregulations.





         Austrian Champion                  German Champion (Club)         German Champion (VDH)     


International Beauty Champion (FCI)